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Options for Portable Tap Kits

Kegs. New, used or no keg? Already have the kegs, then select your kit and you're all set. All used kegs are re-conditioned and checked for pressure before shipping to ensure your keg is in working order for your kit. Brand new kegs are right out of the box, NSF Approved and have all certifications for beverage use.

Ball Lock or Pin Lock Connections. OBK carries both Ball Lock (Pepsi) and Pin Lock (Coca Cola).

CO2 Tank. Optional 5 lb or 10 lb tank. 5 lb CO2 tanks push approximately 40 gallons (150 L) of beer. This number will be less if you plan to carbonate with your CO2 tank also. These are only estimates, consumption of CO2 will come down to preference of carbonation levels for serving. CO2 tanks only ship empty (by law), to find places to fill your tank locally check the yellow pages for weld supply or fire safety stores.
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What Is A Kegerator/Keezer And What Equipment Do I Need To Build One? (cont'd)

Before purchasing a new or used fridge, measure the interior of the fridge to make sure that the keg(s) will fit inside. Also, plan ahead and determine where you are going to place your keg(s), CO2 tank, regulator and tap. If you are using a mini-fridge and plan to use the top as a mini bar, measure and mark where you are going to place your beer tower and drip tray . Most people install the tap on the side of the fridge away from the door, making it easy to replace the keg and/or CO2 tank without interfering with their beer lines. To install your tap simply drill a hole (usually 1") in the side of your fridge, insert your beer shank, then attach the faucet and beer line. If you plan of serving from more than 1 keg at a time from your new kegerator without having to continually change beer lines, you may drill additional holes and add more taps. When the taps are not in use you can remove the faucet and use a faucet plug to seal your shank. (Keep Reading)