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Propper Starter Condensed Wort Can (16 oz)
Propper Starter Condensed Wort Can (16 oz)
This condensed wort can is perfect for giving your yeast a propper start. Works excellent for higher gravity beers (1.060 OG or higher), cold pitching lagers, yeast packs that recommend a starter, and yeast packs nearing expiration.

Using this starter can allows you to quickly and easily prepare the yeast for your next batch and ensure that the biomass and vitality in your yeast is perfect.

Each 16 oz can contains enough condensed wort to create 1L of starter.

For more information regarding the condensed can please check out the Propper Starter FAQ.
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Propper Starter Condensed Wort Can (16 oz)

For use with:
  • Higher gravity beers (1.060 OG or higher)
  • Cold pitching lagers
  • Yeast packs that recommend a starter
  • Yeast packs nearing expiration
  • Sanitize 2L flask, stir bar, top of can and yeast pack.
  • Swirl and open can. Pour contents into flask.
  • Add 16oz of bottled, distilled or boiled (and cooled) water to flask.
  • Pitch yeast and swirl flask to mix.
  • Add stir bar to flask, cover with foil, and mix on stir plate for 24 hours.

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