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Sanke Dispensing

Dispensing your beer through a kegerator is a great way to serve beer. Not only is it a great conversation starter but it also allows you to dispense beer with pure flavour. If you are dispensing beer through a kegerator you will need keg couplers - why? Keg couplers allows compressed air to enter the keg thereby pushing the beer out.

But is there another easier way to dispense beer from a Sanke keg? The answer is YES!

Knowing which type of Sanke dispensing accessories you will need depends on the type of Sanke keg that you have. The thing is that different beer kegs require different types of couplers. But there is more to dispensing beer than just getting the right coupler. In fact, you can make dispensing more fun by using dispensing pumps. (continue reading below)
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The Sanke dispensing pump, is a type of keg coupler that allows you to dispense beer from a Sanke keg that comes with a D-style spear (now available in a 'S' picnic pump too) without the need for a Carbon dioxide tank and regulator. This classic party pump features a twist-style coupling mechanism for easy-to-use dispensing. It is one of the most economical solutions for beer stored in Sanke kegs that is going to be quickly consumed. In most cases, they are used during parties thus their name – Picnic or Party Pumps.

The problem with using ordinary beer faucets is that you can't take it on the go, plus it takes time to build up the CO2 for dispensing beer. Since these pumps are not CO2-driven, you can still dispense beer at a maintained pressure. The downside is that the beer develops a flat flavour eventually because of the air being pumped into the keg, thus it is crucial to consume the beer within 24 hours.