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Ss Brewtech Brew Bucket Pressurized Transfer Kit
Ss Brewtech Pressurized Transfer Kit - Brew Bucket Fermenters
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This Pressurized Transfer Kit features 304 Stainless Steel hardware and a food grade silicone gasket.

It is intended for use with the standard or mini versions of the Ss Brewtech Brew Buckets. Installing this kit will allow you to easily perform a pressurized transfer.

The PRV releases at 2-2.5psi.
Price: $104.99

Price with Selected Options: $104.99

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Features Sizing Chart

Ss Brewtech Pressurized Transfer Kit - Brew Bucket Fermenters

  • 1.5" TC Pressurized Transfer Fitting x 1
  • 1.5" TC Clamp x 1
  • 1.5" TC Gasket x 1
  • 1.5" TC Compression Fitting x 1
  • 17mm Compression Fitting Plug x 1
  • 42mm Carbide Hole Saw Drill Bit x 1
  • Ultraflex PDMS Silicone Hose 1/2" ID x 3/4" OD x 5

When buying TC hardware it is important to ensure that you are ordering the correct TC fittings. Unsure about TC sizing? Please consult the sizing chart.

  • Start by drilling the 42mm hole in a previously unoccupied location on the flat lid. Use the high speed setting on your drill for a clean cut. Once drilled deburr and sharp edges that are present around the new hole. Attach the Compression fitting on the top of the lid, the silicone o-ring forms an air tight seal.

  • Take the 17mm plug and attach it to the old blow-off port. If this step is not done then there will be no way for pressure to build within the vessel when transferring.

  • With that last step your Brew Bucket lid is ready to use. When fermenting rig a blow-off by attaching a TC fitting with a hose barb to the compression fitting. Once done you can attach the included silicone tubing to the barb and run it into your blow-off container. Alternatively you can use a silicone stopper with an airlock. Please do NOT use the pressure transfer fitting as a blow-off fitting, the 3/8" connection can very easily become clogged from an overactive fermentation.

  • When the beer is finished fermenting and you wish to perform a pressurized transfer remove the blow-off fitting from the compression fitting. Once removed attach the pressurized transfer fitting to the TC connection. Once connected attach the pressurized transfer fitting to your regulator. After it is attached run a length of tubing from the racking valve to a cleaned and sanitized keg.

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