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Brewing your own beer is a fun hobby. If you have already gotten the hang of making your own brew and you like to step up your game by creating more distinct flavours, then using wort chillers is a great idea.

A wort chiller is basically a device that allows you to bring down the temperature of the boiling wort to an appropriate temperature for yeast pitching. Although ice baths have been used traditionally, wort chillers allow you better control with the temperature.

Wort chillers are very important because you need to cool the wort down to 80 degrees Celsius the soonest possible time after boiling as this is the time when the wort is highly susceptible to contamination. Thus, using a wort chiller negates any chance of bacterial contamination from settling in. (continue reading below)
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Aside from cooling down the temperature of the wort rapidly, wort chillers are also used to produce clearer beer because it facilitates easy removal of cold break. Cold break is often referred to as the tannin and protein complexes in the wort that become insoluble as the temperature of the liquid drops thus allowing you to easily remove them.

The thing is that investing in a wort chiller is probably one of the best thing that you can ever do to improve the processes in your home brewery. However, there are several types of wort chillers that are available and these include immersion-type chillers, counter flow chillers, and plate chillers. It pays to know the differences between these three types of chillers so you can make the right decision on which one to get for your home brewing setup.

Here at Ontario Beer Kegs, we have a wide variety of wort chillers that you can choose from. We carry reliable brands of wort chillers, such as SS Brewtech so that you can cool down your wort faster and more efficiently.