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Stoppers & Bungs

Stoppers and bungs are important pieces of brewing equipment when you are fermenting your beer in a carboy or bucket. Fermentation is an anaerobic process which means that the yeast converts sugar into alcohol without the presence of Oxygen. Bungs and stoppers help to create the right environment for the yeast to start fermenting the sugar to create beer. If air is present in the fermentation chamber, not only will it create off-flavoured beer but it might also encourage the growth of other microorganisms or might turn the entire wort into vinegar.

Basically, a bung or stopper is a truncated conical or cylindrical seal. And unlike a lid that closes the container from the outside, a stopper or bung is inserted into the container thereby sealing it. Bungs and stoppers are made from different types of materials such as wood, plastic, and rubber. But for home brewing purposes, those that are made from rubber are more efficient in creating the Oxygen-free environment that yeast just so love. (more info below)
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When choosing a rubber stopper or bung, it is crucial that you test it to ensure that it fits properly. Another thing that you need to consider when looking for a rubber stopper is, for what purpose are you using the stopper? If you are using it on a fermenting vessel you will need to get a drilled stopper so that you may insert an airlock or blow-off tube for the gases to escape. If you are using the stopper or bung for storage purposes (such as for ageing your brew) you will want to purchase a solid stopper. You also need to sterilize your rubber stoppers the same as you would any other piece of brewing equipment.

Rubber stoppers and bungs may be underrated but they are very important items for your home brewing setup. Having extra stoppers on hand is always a good idea as they do tend to get misplaced, plus if not stored properly they may dry out and become brittle, leaving cracks along the edges and therefore not sealing your fermenter fully. Make sure that you get them at Ontario Beer Kegs as we have a wide variety of high-grade stoppers and bungs to fit your needs.