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Brewing System Cleaning

Why Cleaning Your Brewing Equipment Is Important

Installing your very own home brewing setup costs a lot of money and it is important that you keep your equipment clean at all times. You need to create a clean and healthy environment for the yeast to grow optimally. If you skimp on the hygiene of your home brewery, harmful bacteria may find their way into your home brewery that can have adverse effects to your final brew.

Cleaning your home brewing equipment like pots, mash paddles, siphons, fermenters, chillers, and tubing to name a few involves the removal of dirt and debris as well as sanitizing to minimize or completely eliminate the presence of other organisms that may affect the growth of yeast cells. (continue reading below)
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When using cleaning agents, make sure that you opt for food-grade cleaners that are free from dyes and perfumes. If you cannot get your hands on appropriate cleaning agents, you can use mild dish detergents as they work just fine. But since mild detergents only cut through grease, some residue might get left behind so you might need to scrub and rinse your equipment to clean them completely.

So aside from investing in the right cleaners, it is also important that you have several cleaning tools at your disposal. One of the most basic cleaning tools that you need to have are airlock brushes. These brushes allow you to clean even the tightest crevices in your brewing equipment. They are also perfect for cleaning beer bottles.

Choose different types of brushes for different types of brewing equipment. Other cleaning tools that you need to have include a carboy or bottle washer and spray wand to easily rinse your beer vessels, dip tube brushes, and many others. However, if you think that choosing the right cleaning accessories is a daunting task, then you can get cleaning kits instead as they come with standard cleaning equipment used in most home breweries.