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The Barley Crusher Malt Mill (Malt Mill Only)
High quality Barley Crusher Malt Mill constructed out of 1018 Cold Rolled Steel for the rollers, 6061 Aluminum for the mill body.
Made in the USA. The Original Barley Crusher Malt Mill, the "Home Brewer's Best Friend" has proven to be just that. A high quality brand name grain mill constructed using materials that will last a lifetime.

The mill breaks down the malted barley into tiny pieces so that the mashing liquid can easily seep into the middle of the barley. This process is necessary because it allows the starch within the endosperm of the barley to ferment and create the beer flavour as well as its alcohol content.

While home brewers can opt to grind the malted barley with a kitchen mortar and pestle, the process is very time consuming as you need to pound large batches of barley to create a substantial amount of beer. Thus, home brewers rely on a machined mill such as the Barley Crusher Malt Mill.

Please Note: This Malt Mill does NOT come with a hopper.
Price: $129.99

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The Barley Crusher Malt Mill (Malt Mill Only)

  • Rollers are adjustable at both ends to keep the gap spacing parallel giving a uniform crush along the entire length of the rollers
  • The gap default setting is marked and set at .039 at assembly. Adjustment range is from .015 to .070 thousands of an inch
  • The rollers have a 12 TPI knurl to efficiently pull the grain through the rollers while leaving the hull intact to form an excellent filter bed for sparging
  • Comes with a solid base with locators to center the Barley Crusher on a 5 gallon plastic pail. (Pail not included)
  • Using a 3/8 drill motor at 500 RPM gives you a crush rate of 6 pounds a minute making the big grain bills fast and easy
  • There are no adapters needed to use a 3/8 drill motor
  • 8 1/2" Wide
  • 8 7/8" Long
  • 2 3/4" Tall Base

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