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The Barley Crusher Malt Mill (with 7 lb hopper)
The Barley Crusher Malt Mill (with 7 lb hopper)
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Made in the USA. The Original Barley Crusher Malt Mill, the "Home Brewer's Best Friend" has proven to be just that. A high quality brand name grain mill constructed using materials that will last a lifetime.

The mill breaks down the malted barley into tiny pieces so that the mashing liquid can easily seep into the middle of the barley. This process is necessary because it allows the starch within the endosperm of the barley to ferment and create the beer flavour as well as its alcohol content.

While home brewers can opt to grind the malted barley with a kitchen mortar and pestle, the process is very time consuming as you need to pound large batches of barley to create a substantial amount of beer. Thus, home brewers rely on a machined mill such as the Barley Crusher Malt Mill.
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The Barley Crusher Malt Mill (with 7 lb hopper)

  • Rollers are adjustable at both ends to keep the gap spacing parallel giving a uniform crush along the entire length of the rollers
  • The gap default setting is marked and set at .039 at assembly. Adjustment range is from .015 to .070 thousands of an inch
  • The rollers have a 12 TPI knurl to efficiently pull the grain through the rollers while leaving the hull intact to form an excellent filter bed for sparging
  • Comes with a solid base with locators to center the Barley Crusher on a 5 gallon plastic pail. (Pail not included)
  • The standard hopper holds an even 7 pounds. Using a 3/8 drill motor at 500 RPM gives you a crush rate of 6 pounds a minute making the big grain bills fast and easy
  • Some assembly required (attach the hopper and handle to the mill). There are no adapters needed to use a 3/8 drill motor
  • 8 1/2" Wide
  • 8 7/8" Long
  • 8 3/4" Tall Hopper
  • 2 3/4" Tall Base
Additional Features
  • Made from 6061 aluminum, this barley mill can crush the barley to the right size and encourage easy fermentation. It comes with rollers that are constructed from 1018 cold rolled steel. The rollers come with bronze bushings that are impregnated with oil for easy adjustment.
  • The miller also features knurled rollers that can be adjusted on each end to produce evenly crushed malted barley. The gap default of the roller is set at 0.039 inch but it features an adjustment range between 0.015 and 0.070 inch. This allows home brewers to pull the barley to the rollers without destroying the hull. An intact hull is crucial for sparging.
  • This particular miller has the capacity to hold 7 pounds of malted barley using the included hopper. It comes with a removable hand crank which can be replaced with a 3/8" drill rotor. Opting for a drill rotor can produce 500 RPMs which creates a crush rate of six pounds per minute.
  • Precision machining with Quality Control and a LifeTime Warranty assures the homebrewer that this will be the only grain mill they will ever purchase!
  • Operating and Maintenance Instructions

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Shaft slips inside roller November 23, 2015
Reviewer: KM from Victoria, BC  
Try cracking a hard grain (rye or roasted malts) and you might find the shaft slipping inside the roller.  Turns out they just jam the shaft inside the roller but it easily slips when stressed.  Had to dismantle it and JB Weld the shaft inside the roller.  You'll know what I mean as soon as it happens to you.  Nice mill otherwise.

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very happy! September 25, 2015
Reviewer: graham orser from Kitchener, ON Canada  
This really is an excellent mill. Hooked up with my drill and it blasts through grain in no time. So far I have not even needed to clean (other cheaper mills I was cleaning after each/during use). Received approx 7% increase in efficiency by just switching mill no other process changes.

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Excellent mill for the price September 19, 2015
Reviewer: Trevor Whyte from Westville, NS Canada  
I upgraded from the old iHomebrewing entry level mill that had difficulty pulling grain through (but still worked well with multiple crushes). Pulled this out of the box, Google searched how to adjust the gap (no instructions included for that, but super simple), set the gap with a credit card and it ripped through 12 pounds of grain in ~2 minutes.I'm very pleased but wish I'd sprung for the larger hopper.

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Should have bought this sooner! May 28, 2015
Reviewer: Daniel Bronson from Calgary, AB Canada  
After using this, my mash efficiency jumped over 10% to a very consistent 78% for average strength beers. I've even done a few around 1.100 OG and gotten 70% mash efficiency each time. My LHBS's crush is crappy and changes often, now it's consistent and high. Very glad I got this.

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Beer lovers LOVE OBK!!! December 3, 2014
Reviewer: Moritz K Sanio from Guelph, ON Canada  
All the reviews seem excellent and I'm getting fully converted to All Grain brewing.
Did I miss the 15% sale recently over the weekend. I was glued to the sale and did get loads of fantastic hop sales(thanks for bringing the pounds back)but wasn't fast enough to catch the 7 lb. Barley Crusher. Is it going on sale soon and please notify me of any upcoming sales.
I love OBK it's the best thing for homebrewers in CANADA! Keep up the great work, your fan base is growing because you have beer lovers that spread the word to our beer loving fans.

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