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Thermowells are a special type of fitting designed for mounting and protecting thermometers in the different vessels in your brewing system. And at Ontario Beer Kegs we carry a broad selection of thermowell fittings that will find their use in various brewing equipment elements where an accurate temperature reading is required. Being able to accurately monitor the current temperature is crucial at different stages of the brewing process. And with a dedicated thermowell, you will be able to mount a quality brewing thermometer right where it will give you the most accurate readings, without risking to damage the tool or risking contamination with an ordinary probe thermometer.

Dedicated brew kettle thermowells have numerous advantages and are a must for any serious brewing setup. It allows you to mount and dismount any temperature measuring tool, whether a mechanical or digital, without needing to disassemble anything. Not to mention that there’s less risk of infecting the wort. Using a thermowell in your fermenter for an accurate temperature reading is a good idea too.

Browse our selection of high-quality thermowells here at Ontario Beer Kegs and you will surely find a model that will fit your brewing system perfectly. No matter what type of thermometer you’re going to use, having a dedicated thermowell will always make things much simpler for you during the brew day.
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