2016 Toy Soldier Stout: The Conclusion.

In 2016, our Toy Soldier Stout campaign raised over $8200.00. That's the full amount of the product sales, which we have pledged to help children in our community. Just before Christmas, our family participated with Walkoms Valu Mart and the OPP to stock the Mitchell Foodbank with $2400.00 in dried goods, formula, diapers, and $800.00 in gift certificates for the future redemption of fresh products. A balance of $5000.00 was leftover for future needs.

We have been working with our community and tossing around ideas. A recurring theme for many organizations is the holiday season sees a significant influx of goods and then just kind of runs on fumes for the rest of the year. These resources do dry up very quickly, so when Barry pitched the following idea, we decided to take a closer look at it.

The Salvation Army has a dedicated staff who are trained support workers for children, who travel around and do day camps in the summer. The children will have meals provided, get access to arts and crafts, and can build and learn social and recreational skills. The staff can identify if additional support is needed and find the resources to help the child/family like food, clothes, supportive and preventive services. It also gives the parent(s) of the child(ren) some time in the summer that may help for child care while working.

We feel this is an excellent fit for the spirit of our Toy Soldier Stout. We have agreed to use the balance this year on this project, and cover all overages to back the program financially. The next step is to rent a suitable environment to run the day camp in--like a school gym (safe, weather resistant), then book the dates for the camp specialists who bring all of the equipment and skills to run this in our community.


Everyone who contributed made a difference.

(reprinted from Facebook post of Jan. 13, 2017)
Want to get a start on your fall brewing? Follow these links to our Toy Soldier beer kits and know that all proceeds from your purchase will be going back to those in need in our small community.

OBK Toy Soldier Stout (5.25 Gal) With Toasted Oak Chips & Vanilla Beans

Toy Soldier Stout (5.25 Gal) Extract Kit W/ Specialty Grains, Oak Chips & Vanilla Beans
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