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Tri-Clover, Tri-Clamps or TC are widely used names that encompass many different Stainless Steel sanitary hardware types. The use of Tri-Clover fittings is not limited to the brewing industry; they are also widely used in plumbing and dairy applications. They may look a little bit confusing, but they are indeed beneficial. Originally, Tri-Clover was used to describe the three-segment sanitary end connection clamps. The advantage of these connectors is that they are effortless to clean as well as very sturdy. They do not have any nooks or crannies where germs and molds can hide; thus, cleanup is easy.

Another characteristic of a Tri-Clover fitting is that it does not come with any ball sockets that may contact your brew. Moreover, they are also better in securing the precious liquid throughout your brew system as they help create a leak-free connection with your fittings. (more info below)
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When installing Tri-Clover fitting, the connections should not have any threads. While some TC fittings have threads, Tri-Clover clamps and gaskets are preferred for a truly sanitary environment. Moreover, there should not be any abrupt changes within the internal diameter. If you need to reduce a 3" Tri-Clover fitting to a smaller size TC you will need a Tri-Clover Concentric Reducer. This piece of hardware will provide a gradual taper between the two Tri-Clover diameters.

At Ontario Beer Kegs, we have the clamps and gaskets needed when using Tri-Clover fittings. Homebrewing equipment and hardware have changed over the years, and you will now see that ball valves, extension tubes, wort chillers, pumps and spray balls, and more may be purchased with Tri-Clover fittings plus, most advanced brewing kettles now feature TC fittings.