Here are a couple of ideas to help you get in on all the great deals we have available.

Keep an eye on our 'Deal of the Day' page. The products on this page change frequently, so make sure that you bookmark the page to see all of our latest deals.

Another great resource for what is happening at OBK is our Facebook page. It is on this page where Patrick post contests, upcoming events and give updates on new homebrewing products and arrival dates.

Please familiarize yourself with our United States Shipping Details. We do ship daily from our warehouse, Canada Post handles all our U.S. orders to the United States/Canadian border. From there, the United States Postal Service assumes the balance of the delivery of your product.

At this time, there are no blackout products. However, we do advise that any time-sensitive ingredients (such as liquid yeasts) not be placed in your cart, as we can not be sure how long shipping may take.

Go ahead and take a look at our stainless steel brew pots, Tri-Clover fittings and hardware, comparison shop, then place your order. We also stock Micro Matic, RoboBrew/Brewzilla and their replacement parts, Anvil, Blichmann, Bayou Classic and more. Our own Mash King brand features stainless steel brewing kettles, mash tuns, counterflow wort chillers, thermometers and bottle fillers.