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Benefits of using White Labs Liquid Yeast

If you have been brewing beer for quite some time already, then you must have experienced working with White Labs yeast. Liquid yeast is one of the two forms of yeast used in making beer. Liquid yeast contains live yeast strains suspended in a nutrient-rich broth. It contains billions of yeast cells that can ferment your wort into quality beer.

But what's the deal with liquid yeast? It turns out that while dry yeast is opted for its cheap price, liquid yeast is preferred by home brewers because of the quality of beer that it makes. In fact, many experienced home brewers claim that beer made from White Labs yeast has a cleaner and more flavourful body than those made from dry yeast. In fact, beer with interesting flavour profiles is made from liquid yeast. These include Belgian ales and Bavarian Weizen.

The thing is that liquid yeast allows home brewers to create a variety of beer. Dry yeast simply cannot carry out the proper fermentation reactions to produce unique flavours and esters that are necessary for making delicious beers.

Liquid yeast also comes with an unmatched selection of strains, unlike dry yeast. This is the reason why you can make hundreds of beer types using liquid yeast. This is the reason why seasoned home brewers who want to experience making new flavours of beer opt for White Labs yeast. Moreover, different yeast strains are available even for those types of yeasts that are seasonal. Although they come with a multitude of strains, it is important to take note that mishandling of liquid yeast can affect the viability of the yeast cells. While liquid yeast is challenging to work with, it provides the benefit of improving your skills as a home brewer.

The variety of White Labs liquid yeast is probably one of the main reasons why home brewers opt for this type of yeast, despite that it is more expensive than dry yeast. After all, its benefits always outweigh its price.
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