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Wine Bottle Corks & Wax Sealing Beads

Your homemade wine is finished and you want to bottle it for future use. At OBK we have the most popular sizes of wine corks in various sized packages, as well as bottle wax sealing beads to make your bottles tamper proof.

We have a selection of tapered and straight wine corks, plus easy to use tasting corks. Before selecting the type of wine cork you are going to purchase you should know that there is a difference. A cork made from natural material is not completely solid and will allow your wine to breathe, while the use of a synthetic wine cork will make your bottle airtight. Cork selection also will determine whether or not you can store your wine in an upright position or not. Natural corks require moisture in order to retain their shape and remain pliable, bottles using natural corks need to be stored flat. Synthetic corks do not need moisture, allowing you to store your wine bottles upright.

So... know your wine, how you want to store it and the length of time you plan on storing it before you purchase your wine corks. If this is your first time making and bottling wine there are many very good articles on Google that will explain the hows and whys of wine corks and corkers. (more info below)
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Do I really need to use bottle wax sealing beads? To be honest, the answer is no, but many use these sealing beads in order to made their wine bottles tamper proof, others use them for decoration and to identify their wine.

Once the wax beads are melted down, dip the top of the wine bottles in the wax making sure to cover the cork and the top of the bottle. For a cleaner look you can always use a sharp knife to make a clean edge around the bottle neck once the was has dried, or allow the wax to drip down the sides of your bottle for that old world look.

Want to get creative with the melted wax? Using a metal spoon, pour some of the wax onto the top of the cork (once again make sure the wax also covers the bottle top), then once the wax is semi-hard use a stamp to mark the top of the cork.

Either of the above ways of using these wax sealing beads (on any type of corks used) will make your bottles tamper proof.

Wine corks and bottle wax sealing beads have other uses too, many use them for different crafts.