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Wine Bottle Labels

Removable Peel & Stick

In marketing, first impressions last. And this is the reason why you should put attractive labels on your wine if you want to entice people to try them. So, if you are a winemaker who wants to market your product, or someone making the wine in your kitchen, you need to use the right labels. Experts in marketing suggest that wine labels should contain information such as name of the product, percentage of alcohol content, date manufactured, and ingredients used.

You have taken great care in making a wine you are proud of, the bottling and labeling should also be done properly. Labeling your wine bottles, especially if you are planning on giving your wine as a gift, allows the recipient to know that they are drinking, and perhaps ask for the type of wine from you again. (more info below)
Professionals tend to hire graphic designers who provide a customized design for their wine bottles for a fee. For those of you who make your wine at home, there is a much less expensive way to get the right labels for your wine bottles.

Here at Ontario Beer Kegs, we have a wide variety of wine labels to choose from. Our wine labels are designed by expert sommeliers, thus whatever you pick will definitely give proper representation to your final product. All our wine labels are packed with 30 pieces, fit any sized bottles, are peel and stick removable and are very affordably priced. Choose from the classic to our most psychedelic design. We stock the most popular labels for your homemade wines.