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Wine Dispensing Towers

There is art and science when it comes to dispensing wine. It is crucial to take note that anything that comes into contact with wine can affect the taste and characteristics of the final product. But wines are dispensed from bottles, right? Contrary to what most people believe, wines can also be dispensed using a draft system. Draft wine dispensing from the keg works similarly to the draft beer system. The only difference is that the wine should not come into contact with any chrome-plated brass hardware otherwise it will oxidize the metal and also create off-flavours to the dispensed beverage.

This is the reason why draft beer systems are comprised of components made from 304 stainless steel to properly handle wine. But aside from the draft wine system, it is also equally important to pay attention to how you dispense your wine. Dispensing your wine in style means that you must get wine tower spigots. (more info below)
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Constructed from heavy-duty stainless steel, the wine tower spigots are a great way to dispense wine in style. If you want to dispense your wine from kegs, then here at Ontario Beer Kegs, we have a wide variety of wine tower spigots to choose from that feeds your dispensing needs.

You have worked hard to make your wine, so why not dispense it in style? We have single, double, triple, and yes even a 4-product wine tower all made of beautiful stainless steel. Save yourself time and effort, no more washing, sanitizing and filling bottles. Think of the money you will save on corks, labels and bottles, not to mention wasted wine. Just like homemade beer, wine may be kegged and dispensed from wine towers, and yes like beer you can take it with you. Remember when dispensing wine from your keg you do not use CO2 as you do not what your wine carbonated, instead use Nitrogen. Once kegged your wine will no longer age, however the last glass will stay as fresh and taste as good as the first glass.