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Cider & Wine Kits

We stock Cider House Select kits for cider making and Fontana wine kits for the winemakers.

Want to order your wine kits online, but you are unsure what the finished wine might look or taste like? OBK has a fine selection of wine kits from which to choose, depending on how quickly you want to enjoy your wine, the flavour you desire and the amount of wine you wish to brew. Clicking on a wine kit below or one of the sub-categories above will show you a brief description of what type of flavour to expect and what foods pair well with your choice. At OBK, we usually have a sale price on one or more of our wine kits, so order something new and maybe spend a bit less.

If you are getting bored with the same old cider flavour - take it up a notch and choose one of the many fruit cider kits we have.
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