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Wood Chips, Cubes & Spices

There are many ways to spice up your brew. While there are different ways to improve the flavour of your brew, it is sometimes fun to add a little more flavour to your beer and make it more unique. Aside from using hops, grains and yeasts to flavour beer, some home brewers use other ingredients to make their beer more interesting. For instance, Belgians often add coriander and orange peel to wheat beers since time immemorial. Home brewers from the United States also use cinnamon, apples, pumpkin pie spices and other ingredients to create beer with strong flavour and aroma. (more info below)
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Spices contribute great flavour to beer when added to the boiling wort. However, this will create a lot of mess during the boiling process thus it is crucial to keep the spices in a muslin bag . You can adjust the strength of the spice's flavour by removing the spices-filled muslin bag after a few minutes of soaking in the boiling wort. Another way of adding spices to the beer is during the secondary fermentation. The spices are left to soak in the fermenting wort for two to ten days depending on how strong a flavour you want to be infused to the wort.

There are different ways to add more flavour to your beer. Here at Ontario Beer Kegs, we have different types of wood chips and spices for you to choose from. Our selection includes bitter orange peels, cardamom seeds, cinnamon sticks, vanilla, elderberries, ginger root, licorice, lime peel, mugwort, oak chips, rose hips, star anise and many others. You can make different unique beers with these spices. For instance, you can use cinnamon sticks to create holiday ale or you can use oak chips to mimic beer that has aged in oak barrels. When choosing for wood chips, seeds and dried peels to flavour your beer, make sure that you opt for those that come in good quality.