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Wort Chiller Counterflow

It is crucial to cool down the wort immediately after the boiling process to reduce the risk of contamination and reduce the production of dimethyl sulfide which provides off-flavour to the final product.

Home brewers can use different tools at their disposal to cool down their wort. One of the tools that they use are the counterflow wort chillers. Counterflow chillers features a 'tube-within-a-tube' design that works by running hot liquid from the brew pot through the inner tube while cold water flows to the opposite direction through the outer tube. (more info below)
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This is an effective way of cooling the wort and also minimizing the use of water. Using a counterflow chiller is great especially if you are brewing large batches of beer with a volume of more than 10 gallons. The classic construction of wort chiller counterflow is displayed as coils of tubing. The advantage of this cooling system is that it can be submersed in an ice bath to increase the cooling potential of the liquid. Caring for the counterflow chiller is easy. You can send a small pipe brush through each of its section to remove the debris that have adhered on the surface of the pipe at each section.