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Homebrewing Yeasts

It has been said many times, "Brewers make wort, yeast makes beer", and we have many varieties for your homebrewing needs. Whether you’re planning to brew an Imperial Stout, a German Hefeweizen or an authentic Flanders Red, we have the right yeast for the job and at an excellent price. All the yeast featured in this section of our store is perfect for homebrewing and conveniently packaged, so it is quite easy to work with them.

Whether it’s a dry or a liquid yeast you are after, at Ontario Beer Kegs, there’s always a broad selection of both popular and very specialized yeast strains, coming from top yeast labs all across the globe. We carry only fresh yeast with the highest vitality ratings, so you can always rest assured that the yeast you buy from us is as good for fermenting your next brewing experiment as it can get.

The right homebrewing yeast can make all the difference between a decent and a great beer. That’s why at Ontario Beer Kegs, we strive to carry a great selection of the highest quality yeast strains available on the market. Shop around, compare, and you will surely find the right yeast for your next beer here.
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