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Five Star 5.2 pH Stabilizer
Five Star 5.2 pH Stabilizer

Five Star 5.2 pH Stabilizer (1 lb)

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Water is definitely the most important ingredient in your beer, which is often overlooked by the non-experienced brewer. And brewing water pH has a huge impact on the quality of the wort, enzymatic activity, yeast health, perceived hop character, malt flavour, and a dozen other factors that will ultimately affect the way your beer will taste. With 5.2 pH Stabilizer by Five Star you can stop worrying about quality and pH of your brewing water as it will help you get to the optimal parameters for getting the best results with your beer.

This stabilizer is a proprietary blend of food-grade phosphate buffers (similar to brewer's salts) that is used to lock your kettle and mash water at a consistent pH level of 5.2 regardless of the water's initial pH levels. Use 5.2 Mash Stabilizer to optimize your enzymatic activity in your malt, help clarify your wort, and achieve a more consistent hop utilization. The Stabilizer is safe for your mash and does NOT add any flavours to your beer. It is recommended that you use the stabilizer throughout the brewing process to help ensure a more consistently high quality beer. 5.2 will provide consistency of pH in any water conditions, but the most significant gains will be obtained if you are brewing in hard water.

Usage Directions:
  • Use 1/3 oz per 5 gallons of water

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