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Advanced Beer Filtering Kit
Advanced Beer Filtering Kit

Advanced Beer Filtering Kit

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Filtering isn't just for commercial breweries anymore! Now you can benefit from this time saving process at home. Filtering your beer does much more than just give you a clearer, brighter beer. The filtering process can eliminate weeks of secondary aging, giving you better tasting beer much quicker than before. During secondary aging the primary effect is that more yeast settles out of suspension, carrying with it, proteins, polyphenols, and other flavour compounds that contribute to the "green" flavour of un-aged beers. Filtering will eliminate most of this yeast and those flavour compounds in a matter of minutes instead of weeks. Connect inline between the outlets of two kegs and use Co2 to push beer through the filter before carbonation, and enjoy crystal clear, cleaner tasting beer.

The filtering kit comes with two valves with 1/2" male NPT 1/4" barbs, and are intended to be used with tubing with an ID of 1/4". Included is a 10" 1 micron reinforced washable filter that is suitable for most applications. In addition this kit comes with mounting hardware. The filtering kit's total height is 11 1/2" and all filters sold on the site will fit. Tubing and disconnects sold separately.

The Reinforced Washable 1 Micron Filter Cartridge features a PE reinforced plastic shell that protects against ruptures and damage. This particular filter is washable allowing you to reuse it, saving you the money and hassle of constantly having to replace your filter.

  • Beer Filter Housing
  • Mounting Bracket
  • Mounting Hardware
  • Reinforced Washable Filter Cartridge (1.0 Micron)
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