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The Anvil High Performance Burne
The Anvil High Performance Burne

Anvil Brewing Equipment High Performance Burner

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The Anvil High Performance Burner is efficient, powerful, fast, and quiet.

The burner comes with modular legs, allowing you to choose your desired height between 7", 16", and 24" with the optional leg extensions. In addition the legs are designed in such a way as to allow a full range of freedom enabling you to easily mount it directly to a bench, drain directly into a carboy, or even have a 2-tier setup.

The burner sports an impressive design and quality features, such as a rust-free precision burner, ultra-high temperature coating, and a fully integrated heat shielding protecting your valve and thermometer.

  • Self-levelling feet provide the utmost stability
  • 45,000 BTU/HR Burner allowing for rapid heating
  • Incredibly Quiet
  • Highly Efficient with low fuel usage
  • Ultra-high temperature powder coating
  • Fully integrated heat shield provides protection for valve and thermometer
  • Legs are modular, allowing you to choose between 7" and 16" heights with the ability to additionally purchase 24" leg extensions
  • Easy to use control knob allows you to easily discern and use the burner to its utmost potential
  • Burner evenly distributes heat amongst the surface area, making it more efficient without the worry of hot spots
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