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The Anvil Brewing Kettle Ball Valve
The Anvil Brewing Kettle Ball Valve

Anvil Brewing Equipment Kettle Ball Valve - 1/2" NPT

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The Anvil brewing kettle ball valve is made from durable 304 stainless steel. It is customized with an integrated bulkhead seal to prevent any leaking. This feature also ensures a rigid joint for the spigot. The kettle ball valve is made from a standard 1/2" NPT fitting which makes it easy to mount it inside the kettle. To install the kettle ball valve, making a 7/8" hole on the brew pot is necessary. Lastly, this particular kettle ball valve can be disassembled for easy cleanup.

Homebrewers often brew moderately large batches of beer. The wort is often brewed in simple brew pots or kettles. Most home brewers deal with gallons and gallons of liquid per batch thus removal of the hot liquid from the kettle can be very challenging. Handling a hot pot full of boiling liquid can be very dangerous. Moreover, home brewers need to strain the liquid to remove large particles before dumping it to the final container where the beer may be stored for a long time to age.

This is the reason why many home brewers opt for brew kettles that come with a spigot or ball valve at the bottom to allow easy straining and draining of the liquid. The grub or sediments in the beer will not go through the spigot so homebrewers get only the clear liquid. However, home brewers who have always used an ordinary pot to brew beer do not need to get a new one. Instead, installing a kettle ball valve is a better alternative to proper draining of the golden liquid.
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