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Anvil 1/2" Weldless Brewing Thermometer
Anvil 1/2" Weldless Brewing Thermometer

Anvil Brewing Equipment Brewing Thermometer - Weldless (2.5" Stem)

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Proper fermentation of wort to convert sugar to alcohol to give the beer its distinct final flavour would not be possible if home brewers did not monitor the temperature of the wort. Underestimating temperature can often result to the off flavours of the beer. A higher temperature during fermentation can also result to the yeast becoming sensitive to the alcohol produced during the process. Cold temperature, on the other hand, produces sluggish fermentation that often leads to a bland and flavourless beer.

Temperature control is a critical element in fermentation because different types of yeasts require various ranges of temperature in order to commence fermentation. Determining the temperature range of the strain of yeast used allows proper fermentation of the wort.

There are different ways to monitor and provide constant temperature to the wort. While many commercial home breweries invest in expensive equipment that incubate the yeast properly, home brewers cannot afford to buy such expensive equipment. One of the best solutions home brewers can use is a brewing thermometer.

The Anvil weldless brewing thermometer is made from high quality stainless steel and has a 2.5 inch stem. This particular thermometer comes with a temperature reading from 7 to 100 degrees Celsius (45 to 220 F). Since it is a weldless thermometer, each part is bolted in. The thermometer uses a 1/2" UNF connection which requires a 1/2" diameter hole.

Home brewers need to monitor the temperature of their fermenting wort at all times. This is to ensure that that the final brew will always have a consistent flavour and quality at all times.
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