United States Shipping Details

Details regarding United States shipping and limitations

Are you a brewer that lives in the U.S. that is looking for a new supplier? One that has many hard to find items that can be shipped right to your door, and at a great price! Look no further than Ontario Beer Kegs. We have been shipping brewing equipment and ingredients to Canadian homebrewers, craft beer and the nano-brewery market for years, and have heard your requests.

We are now shipping to the United States, with no blackout products. Give us a try. We are sure you will be back to fill your shopping cart again and again. Continue reading for details regarding shipping to the United States.


We at OBK are now accepting orders from Brewers in the Contiguous United States. Our full range of products is available, ranging from Brewing Equipment to Ingredients (grains, yeast, and additives).

All our prices are in CAD (Canadian Dollar), and orders are shipped out daily.

Before ordering, please take into account transit times and delays that may incur due to customs. US Customers should place their order knowing/expecting additional transit times. Products such as Liquid Yeasts that are adversely affected by warmer temperatures may not be ideal for US Brewers.

US Customers are solely responsible and assume all risks associated with ordering temperature sensitive products such as yeasts. We will not accept returns/refunds for liquid yeasts.


When you place an order on our site, we ship it out, and it is taken to the border and is subject to going through customs.

The recipient is the importer of record and must comply with any regulations and laws of the destination country, plus, they are responsible for import taxes, customs duties and fees.

Orders over $800 USD (United States Dollar) are subject to additional duty fees. These fees are the sole responsibility of the customer. Ontario Beer Kegs does NOT cover duty fees.

If you want any further details regarding customs policies, please contact your local customs office for more information.

Food products such as grains, yeasts, and food additives require additional procedures before the orders getting to customs. Orders that are subject to these procedures may face additional transit times due to possible delays when it comes to customs.

Customs clearance procedures may cause additional transit times, and delays beyond our initial delivery estimates.

Shipments going across the border are subject to being opened and inspected by customs authorities.

Shipping Times:

Orders in the United States may take 4-8 Business days to arrive. As such, please take into account the arrival time and be careful what products you order. Food products may have additional transit times due to possible delays when it comes to customs.

Shipping Weight:

We calculate our shipping rates the same way as the carriers. Dimensional weight, also known as volumetric weight, is a pricing technique for courier and postal services. Volumetric weight uses an estimated weight calculated from the length, width and height of a package, meaning a large, light item will be expensive to ship.

Shipping Limitations:

For shipping we use automatic shipping quotes provided by Canada Post. These rates are correct most of the time, however more remote areas may result in inaccurate shipping prices. In some instances, this may result in shipping quotes far lower than the actual shipping cost. For these orders, OntarioBeerKegs reserves the right to cancel/refund these orders. Alternatively, we may ask for additional funds to cover shipping.

For the current time, we are only offering Canada Post as a shipping option to our US Customers. In the future, we hope to expand our shipping options.

Due to Canada Post weight restrictions orders are limited to being under 30 KGS (66 LBS) per box. If your order is over this limit, we will contact you regarding shipping.

US Tracking:

When a US order is placed it is shipped with Canada Post who hands it off to USPS at customs. Due to this hand off, tracking is unavailable for these orders.

Before contacting us regarding the status of your order please be aware that the delivery standard date for US orders from Canada is 4 - 6 business days. If after 6 business days you have not received your order please contact us and we will work towards getting you your order.

Non-Eligible States:

Unfortunately, we can not offer to ship to Alaska or Hawaii.

Want to learn more?

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