limited to orders over $200 and a maximum of one (40lb) box

This offer is limited to a maximum of one (40 lb) box and the order must be over $200.00 (before taxes) The following also applies to our other shipping promotions (eg. $9.99 Shipping)

Shipping Times: Due to the nature of this shipping offer, the time it will take to arrive varies based on your province. Orders in Ontario, Quebec, and New Brunswick may take 4-8 Business days to arrive, whereas orders shipped to the western provinces (British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan) may take between 8-10 Business days. As such please take into account the arrival time and be careful what products you order.

Size and Weight Requirements: Maximum 40 pounds dimensional weight and fit in one box. We calculate our shipping the same way as the carriers. Dimensional weight, also known as volumetric weight, is a pricing technique for courier and postal services, which uses an estimated weight that is calculated from the length, width and height of a package.This means a very large light item will be expensive to ship.

Priority Orders
If your order is time sensitive please do not select promotional shipping. Although your goods will be treated with the same care as all of our orders. Promotional Shipping orders are processed after paid shipping methods have been processed. Promotional shipping orders will go out the most cost effective way to us, if you have a carrier preference you will need to select it at check out.

Remote Areas may NOT be eligible, please check prior to ordering to ensure this offer is available.
In some rare instances we may not be able to extend this offer.
P.O Boxes are not eligible.
We reserve the right to limit this promotion to a 30.00 dollar value.

*** If Promotional shipping is not showing up at check out. Your order did not qualify. The most likely reason is large items like buckets and pots. Try removing a large item. ***

*** If you are not getting a shipping quote at check out your order's weight disqualifies it from our live rate calculation. To alleviate this try placing separate orders for these large items. If you do not want to do this we will provide a shipping quote after check out.***