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Mini Auto Siphon (3/8").
Mini Auto Siphon (3/8").

Fermtech Mini Auto-Siphon - 3/8"

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The 14" Mini Quick Start Auto Siphon provides single stroke action to draw a siphon without disturbing sediment and prevents introduction of air at the seal. It is perfect for those small fermenters where a full sized auto siphon can be too large. This siphon will work great for 1 and 2 gallon sized fermenters. Great for transferring from carboys and buckets. The tip on the racking cane is slightly larger than normal, which filters out a lot of the sediment during transfer. Disassembles easily for cleaning and sanitizing.

Allows wort and beer to be transferred efficiently and easily after cooling and after fermentation. Simply insert the auto siphon into your fermenter or carboy, push down on the racking cane (included) and a siphon is started. No brewer should be without this device!

Please Note: Uses 5/16" or 3/8" siphon tubing, it is NOT Included

  • Made out of High Grade Acrylic for Excellent Clarity
  • 14" Length
  • 3/8" Outer Diameter
  • 1/4" Inner Diameter
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