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Glass Jug Growler | Basic Dispensing Kit
Glass Jug Growler | Basic Dispensing Kit

"Glass Jug" Basic Growler Dispensing Kit

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The "Glass Jug" Basic Dispensing Kit includes all you need to take advantage of portable dispensing with "glass jug" growlers (Co2 Cartridge Not Included). It comes with a Growler "Glass Jug" Lid, Picnic Tap and Co2 Regulator.

It provides an easy and affordable way to keep your beverage carbonated and ready to serve for weeks. Traditionally glass growlers become stale days after opening, however by carbonating your beer you can extend your beer's freshness.

With the included picnic tap you can dispense from the side.

This kit comes with a regulated Co2 charger, which is made from machined anodised aluminium making it durable and long lasting. Integrated into the charger is a 30 PSI regulator that allows you to set your desired pressure.

Also included is a Basic "Glass Jug" Lid that is made out of plastic. It features a manual 30 PSI relief valve, a 1/4" MFL connection, and a 1/4" OD barb to be used with the Picnic Tap.