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Bayou Classic 64 Qt. Tri-Ply Stock Pot
Bayou Classic 64 Qt. Tri-Ply Stock Pot

Bayou Classic Stainless Steel Tri-Ply Stock Pot - 64 Qt. [1316]

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Efficient kitchens should have stockpots. Stockpots are great for cooking large volumes of stews and soups. They are a multi-purpose equipment that can get cooking jobs done faster. The Bayou Classic tri-ply stock pot is made of a 20-gauge stainless steel. It has thicker walls than other entry-level pots and features an induction-ready 5mm tri-ply bottom.

Featuring graduated markings this pot makes an excellent brew kettle.

The tri-ply bottom is made by sandwiching a 3-mm aluminum sheet between two layers of 1-mm stainless steel. The bottom of the pot is thick. This allows heat to slowly dissipate evenly all over the stockpot to prevent the liquid from caramelizing and scorching the pot. With this type of bottom, the pot can be heated directly over a fire burner. Moreover, the bottom of the pot is also indented to fit in a false bottom.

The stockpot can be used in many ways such as boiling different kinds of liquid and cooking stews. It can also be used as a deep fryer. The stockpot features a graduate volume marker (graduations from 1 to 14 gallons) to allow users to precisely determine the amount of liquid inside the pot. When using the pot for frying, it is crucial not to fill more than 3/4s of the pot with oil to avoid the oil from spilling out and over the pot.

Since the pot is made of stainless steel, cleaning it with any type of cleaner is safe. The pot is also resistant to corrosion; thus it will last for a longer time compared to pots made from aluminum.

We recommend you purchase this product by itself. Shipping items inside the pot increases chances of damage during shipping. We will of course ship items inside a pot if you want. But we can not assume liability for damage if you choose to do so.

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