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Bayou Classic | BBQ Smoking Chips - Apple
Bayou Classic | BBQ Smoking Chips - Apple

Bayou Classic Western BBQ Smoking Chips - Apple [500-624]

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Apple BBQ smoking chips are becoming very popular- probably because the aroma can convert your everyday favourites into a flavourful cuisine that you can't get enough of. With these smoking chips, you can add a hint of apple to breakfast, lunch and dinner dishes in order to enhance the foods' natural flavour. Plus, they are easy to use and your food comes out perfectly flavoured every time. So whether you have never cooked a day in your life, or you are an expert, you can use the apple smoke aroma to season your food, and you will consistently create an impressive meal that is perfectly flavoured with the right amount of Apple.

Whether you are on a diet, cleaning up your eating habits, or just looking for something different, Apple smoking chips will allow you to turn your grill into a smoker and opens up the doors to many unique combinations of flavours. Whether you want to add brown sugar, cinnamon & ginger, lemon & paprika, or you simply want the apple flavour use these natural Apple smoking chips, distributed by Bayou Classic, and they will help you turn a normal dinner into an impressive flavour-chocked experience.

  • Apple Wood Chips
  • Starts fast
  • Burns hotter
  • Cleaner burning
  • More flavor than charcoal
  • All natural
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