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Bayou Classic | BBQ Smoking Chips - Cherry
Bayou Classic | BBQ Smoking Chips - Cherry

Bayou Classic Western BBQ Smoking Chips - Cherry [500-622]

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Pies are not the only foods that taste great with cherry flavour. Bayou Classic is a distributor for these Cherry smoking chips, and we are pleased to stock them so you are ready for the next time you are smoking meats on the grill or in your smoker. Add that wonderful cherried aroma that will put a hint of fruity flavour on any of your meats. You will find that the flavour from the smoking chips is not overwhelming, but light, slightly sweet and a tasty compliment to chicken, burgers, ribs and even grilled vegetables.

Cherry BBQ smoking chips can be used for so many different dishes that you probably haven't thought about until now. Whether it is grilled vegetables, poultry, seafood or beef that you are cooking, there are multiple ways to accentuate the cherry taste into classics; giving you a variety of new ways to prepare your favourite home-cooked meals. Now you won't have to cook different things to appeal to different tastes... everybody will love whatever you cook with the cherry smoking chips.

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