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Bayou Classic | BBQ Smoking Chips - Pecan
Bayou Classic | BBQ Smoking Chips - Pecan

Bayou Classic Western BBQ Smoking Chips - Pecan [500-620]

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Stop pulling out the grill and throwing charcoal on it every time you decide to barbecue. Even though you could change your seasonings to get more flavour in your foods, you could also change what you use to cook them with. Bayou Classic knows that adding unique flavours to your food will have your guests mouths watering, that is why they distribute these all natural, Western BBQ pecan smoking chips. Try these the next time you BBQ or smoke your chicken and ribs, your food will taste so good everyone will ask "can I have your recipe?".

When you first think of pecan flavour, you think of pies or maybe even casseroles. But fish like salmon or tilapia are complimented very well when cooked with these pecan smoking chips. Also, you can use these pecan BBQ smoking chips to add a layer of unique flavour to grilled vegetables like asparagus. There are all sorts of creative ways to add an exciting twist in flavour to your ordinary favourites, making your grill anything but original.

  • Pecan Wood Chips
  • Starts fast
  • Burns hotter
  • Cleaner burning
  • More flavor than charcoal
  • All natural
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