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Bayou Classic SP2 Double Jet Cooker
Bayou Classic SP2 Double Jet Cooker

Bayou Classic Double Jet Burner [SP2]

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This Bayou Classic burner is made out of steel and features a fully welded frame. It features raised rungs for enhanced flame and heat distribution.

Jet burners provide a powerful flame that is sure to make light work of your next batch of stew or homebrew. Use it to quickly heat up oil for deep-frying or bring a pot of water to boil in a matter of minutes.

The massive 18" diameter cooking surface supports pots/kettles with a minimum diameter of 14" and up to 162 quarts (40 gallons) in size.

Included with the burner is an adjustable 30 PSI regulator and a 4' LPG stainless steel braided hose.

A welded steel tri-leg design, complete with hose guard represents the rugged durability of the Bayou Classic name. The lightweight design makes this a perfect cooking companion at your next tailgating or camping trip.

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