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T Bazooka Screen
T Bazooka Screen

Stainless Steel Mesh Bazooka Screen (T)

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During the boiling process, hops are added to the brew pot to give the beer its distinct bitter flavour. At the end of this process, home brewers end up having a large collection of gunk floating on top of the liquid. This is the reason why home brewers need to separate the gunk including the sediments from the liquid wort which will be used during the fermentation process.

There are different ways to filter the grain bills from the wort and one of them is by using a bazooka screen. A bazooka screen is basically made up of tight mesh wires that can separate the wort from the larger hop particles.

This bazooka screen is made from 304 stainless steel construction. It is 12 inches in length and 1 inch in diameter. It features a 1/2" copper tee located in the middle of the screen. This screen requires a sweat connection (soldering) to another piece of copper pipe or brass.

The mesh is made up of 16 wires per inch which make it small enough to keep out the grains, leaf hops, and other sediments. It features a rigid tubing that will not collapse under the weight of the grain. The bazooka screen works best when leaf hops are used. The use of pellet hops can easily clog up the bazooka screen but they can be easily removed by putting the bazooka screen under running water.

  • Made out of 304 Stainless Steel
  • 1/2" Copper tee found in the middle of the screen
  • Requires soldering to copper or brass pipe
  • Mesh size is 16 wires per inch to keep out grains and other types of sediments

  • 12" Length
  • 1" Diameter
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