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Blichmann Brewing Gloves - XL
Blichmann Brewing Gloves - XL

Blichmann Brewing Gloves (XL)

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These are standard issue brewing gloves in the Blichmann Research Lab. Help reduce risk of burns and scalds while also keeping harmful sanitizers, acids and caustic chemicals from your skin.

Brewing Gloves are available in M (Medium - Size 9), L (Large - Size 10) and XL (Extra Large - Size 11). To select the size right for you, measure the circumference of your hand at the knuckles using a flexible fabric tape or piece of string in inches. That measurement will correspond with the gloves number size. For half sizes, round up to the next size. (For example, if your hand measures 8.5", select the size 9. If the measurement is 9.5", select the size 10 glove.)

  • Made out of food grade material
  • Industrial Grade
  • X-Large


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