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BeerSmith 2.2
BeerSmith 2.2

BeerSmith 2.2 - Downloadable Version (Now with Cloud Option)

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Take the guesswork out of home brewing with BeerSmith 2!

BeerSmith 2 has been completely redesigned from the ground up to include tabbed browsing, graphical recipe design and a host of new features. BeerSmith helps you design great beers, match popular beer styles worldwide, manage your recipes, generate step-by-step brewing instructions and perform dozens of brewing calculations with ease. BeerSmith sets the gold standard for brewing software. Now available for Macintosh (Intel/Leopard/10.5 and above), Windows 7, Vista and XP/SP3.After your purchase, we will send you your download key for BeerSmith2.2Want to try it first? Go to the website below that is your type of computer and download a free 21-day trial!

Try the 21-day trial from the link below (pick your computer type). If you like it, come back and purchase a key to keep it forever!

BeerSmith Download

How do I receive my BeerSmith Activation code?

Within one business day of placing your order, you will receive an email with your activation code. Orders are processed by order number.

  • Take the guesswork out of home brewing using the gold standard for recipe design
  • The new BeerSmith 2 was redesigned from the ground up with a modern, graphical interface
  • Tabbed browsing lets you work with multiple tools and recipes at the same time
  • Build recipes by selecting ingredients from our preloaded database of hundreds of ingredients
  • Download new recipes and ingredients (add-ons) from within the program
  • Does dozens calculations for you - estimates colour, gravity, bitterness, and more
  • Shows step-by-step instructions for any recipe
  • Inventory, shopping list, calendar and folders help you organize your brewing
  • Over a dozen stand alone brewing tools including our new yeast starter calculator
  • Supports metric, english and imperial units
  • Available for the first time on Macintosh (Intel platforms) as well as Windows 7, Vista and XP
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