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BrewMometer-weldless adjustable Celsius scale
BrewMometer-weldless adjustable Celsius scale

Blichmann BrewMometer Bi-Metal Adjustable Thermometer - Weldless (2" Stem) (Celcius)

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The temperature while brewing the wort affects its final flavour and aroma. Getting a thermometer for the brew kettle is a great way to monitor the temperature of the wort so that it does not boil longer than needed. Too much boiling of the wort can often lead to an extremely bitter taste and strong aroma from the hops.

The Blichmann BrewMometer comes in different models of thermometer. This weldless bi-metal thermometer features a three-inch air-tight sealed face plate. The face plate can easily be adjusted in any orientation. This means that users can point it sideways, down, up or tilted in any direction to easily read the temperature at any angle and/or direction. The temperature reading available is in Celcius only.

This weldless Blichmann thermometer is ideal for brew kettles that do not come with existing fittings. Connectors are not necessary in mounting this thermometer to the pot. All it takes is to drill a hole from outside the kettle for the thermometer stem to fit through.

The thermometer uses a 1/2" UNF connection which requires a 1/2" diameter hole. Included are the required silicone O-ring, washer, and nut which allows home brewers to fix the thermometer firmly on the brew kettle. Using a sandwich of O-rings is necessary to prevent leaks. This also helps prevent the thermometer from wobbling unnecessarily while secured on the pot. When installing the thermometer, make sure that it is not exposed to the heat of the burner.

  • Made out of 304 Stainless Steel
  • 3" Tempered Glass Dial Face
  • Can be adjusted in any orientation for easy temperature reading
  • Hermetically sealed
  • Comes with large lettering and fine pointer for accurate temperature reading
  • Suggested mash temperature also printed
  • 6° to 104°F Range
  • Weldless bulkhead fitting for additional strength
  • The probe uses a 1/2" UNF connection which requires a 1/2" diameter hole to install

  • 2" Probe Length
  • 5" Total Length


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