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Brass Close Nipple 1/2" NPT
Brass Close Nipple 1/2" NPT

Brass Close Nipple - 1/2" Male NPT

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This 1/2" brass nipple fitting has a hex nut center for easy tightening and loosening. Both ends are male pipe threads. It is perfect for connecting ball valves, elbows, couplers and other fittings. Remember to use PTFE tape when threading fittings, valves or accessories together.

Thread Type*: National Pipe Thread (NPT)

*BSP and NPT/NPS threads are NOT compatible with each other. When purchasing threaded hardware, it's crucial to verify that you are selecting the appropriate threaded fittings to meet your requirements. Unsure about thread type? Please consult the NPT thread chart HERE.

  • Made out of Brass
  • Comes with a male National Pipe Thread (NPT) fitting
  • Used to connect 1/2" ball valves to other devices by creating a union
  • Can be installed on a 7/8" hole drilled on the pot
  • 1/2" Male NPT Connections
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