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10 Gallon Welded Graduated Brew Kettle
10 Gallon Welded Graduated Brew Kettle

Stainless Steel Welded Graduated Brew Kettle - 10 Gallon

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Made of 200 Series 19 Gauge Stainless Steel and it's total volume is 10 (US) gallons (38L, 40 Quart). It features solid easy to grasp handles on the sides that allow you to move it with ease. As well as graduated stamped markings every inch, lasting forever eliminating the need for a sight glass. As well as two pre-welded 1/2" NPT Couplers, which are great for easily installing thermometers and ball valves. This brew kettle features a welded kettle kit, a OBK thermometer, a sturdy lid and a beautiful finish.
FREE - Every Drop Dip Tube accessory, a $15 value added free to almost every welded kettle! The Every Drop Dip Tube is designed to thread onto the interior side of the ball valve coupler. When installed the angle can be easily adjusted to help pick up every last drop from your kettle. Make the most out of your kettle with this FREE accessory!

We recommend you purchase this product by itself. Shipping items inside the pot increases chances of damage during shipping. We will of course ship items inside a pot if you want. But we can not assume liability for damage if you choose to do so.

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