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Saflager S-189 500 gram yeast brick
Saflager S-189 500 gram yeast brick

Fermentis Saflager Dry Lager Yeast Brick [S-189] (500 g)

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Yeasts play a vital role in brewing beer. They break down the sugar and leave behind carbon dioxide, alcohol, and a variety of flavours. Yeasts are tiny microbes that ferment the beer thus adding varied flavours to the brew. There are two categories of yeasts used in making beer and these include the lager and ale yeast.

There are many types of yeasts available in the market and one of them is the Saflager S-189. It is packaged as a 500-gram yeast brick, perfect for making large batches of ale beer. This is especially so if the brew is adapted to casks and cylindro-conical tank fermenters.

This yeast brick also lasts longer as it can be used for 24 months after its manufactured date. Make sure to place it inside a sealed container and store in a cool, dark, and dry place or preferably in a place that can maintain a temperature of 4°C or 39°F.

Neutral flavour development for a large range of lager and pilsen beers.
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