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Fermentis T-58 500 gram  Dry Ale Yeast Brick
Fermentis T-58 500 gram Dry Ale Yeast Brick

Fermentis SafAle Specialty Dry Ale Yeast Brick [T-58] (500 g)

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Dry ale yeasts are good in making different types of ale styles like American amber, stout, English browns, pales, Belgian blond and dark strong. There are different types of yeasts that are used in making beer and one of them is the Fermentis T-58 dry ale yeast which is available in a 500-gram yeast brick.

This specialty type of yeast provides a spicy and estery flavour that is great for making various styles of continental beers. It also has a peppery flavour to it. This type of yeast forms a good amount of sediment. Since its sedimentation is rated as medium, the yeast has a powdery attribute to it that can result in a hazy beer especially when the mixture is agitated. Although this may be the case, the suspended yeasts are good for bottle-conditioning of beers as it will ensure that a decent amount of yeast can make it into the bottle.

Another important characteristic of this yeast is that it does not clump to form clusters. Its apparent attenuation or the percentage of conversion of sugar to alcohol and carbon dioxide is at 70%. This is the reason why there is still a hint of sweetness to the final brew.

Its temperature range is between 54°F and 77°F (12° to 25° C) thus brewing does not require expensive temperature control equipment.

  • A special type of yeast that is favoured for its spicy, estery and peppery flavour development
  • The sedimentation after fermentation is at medium, so it does not create an exceptionally clear beer
  • The final gravity is high and has a hint of sweetness to it
  • It is recommended for bottle-conditioning of beers
  • It is a great yeast for making beers with alcohol content of up to 8.5% v/v
  • Sold in 500g brick for easy storage and better shelf life
Yeast Statistics:
  • Attenuation: 72 - 78%
  • Sedimentation: Medium
  • Optimum Fermentation Temperature: 59 - 68°F
  • Alcohol Tolerance: Medium to High
  • Storage Temperature: 39°F
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