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Camco 5500W heater ripple element (ULWD)
Camco 5500W heater ripple element (ULWD)

Camco Screw In ULWD LimeLife Heating Element - Ripple Foldback (5500W, 240V) [2965 Model]

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Most commercial breweries boil their wort using electricity. Using an electric stovetop allows brewers to control the amount of heat that they are going to use to boil the wort. Brewing beer using electricity is a great way for homebrewers to control the boiling process. Achieving a correct boil prevents the caramelization of the wort which can eventually lead to scorching at the bottom of the pan.

While using an electric stovetop is a conventional way for homebrewers to heat their wort, others prefer to use heating elements. The Camco model 2965 screw-in heating element is an ultra-low watt density heating element. This means that the heat it produces per square inch along the element is very low which promotes even boiling of the wort over a long period of time, minus burning of the natural sugar from the wort. This heating element is made from a nickel-chromium stainless steel alloy sheath that is resistant to dry firing. This means that even if you forgot to put the liquid inside the kettle, the heating element does not easily burn up.

It is compatible with different kinds of water heaters and can easily be installed using a 1" lock nut. However, it can only fit inside a brew tank that has a minimum diameter of 15" or larger.

Please Note: The threading for Camco heating elements are Nominal Pipe Size (NPS).

WARNING!!! This is a high voltage and current element, incorrect installation can result in serious injury or death! OntarioBeerKegs recommends consulting an electrician prior to use.

  • Made out of Nickel-Chromium Stainless Steel
  • 2965 Model
  • Ripple Foldback Style
  • Requires a 1" Lock Nut for Installation
  • 1" Male NPS Threading
  • UL Listed for use in Canada
  • Made in USA

  • 13 1/4" Element Length
  • 14 1/2" Total Length
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