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Soda Carbonator Carbonation Lid
Soda Carbonator Carbonation Lid

Kegland Soda Carbonator Carbonation Ball Lock Lid - Continuous Soda Water Solution

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This Soda Carbonator is made out of stainless steel and allows for an easy way to have continuous soda water on tap. Save time and money by avoiding specialized carbonation solutions such as Sodastreams or other more expensive carbonators.

The fully integrated ball lock lid hatch allows it to be installed onto a standard Cornelius keg for easy cleaning.

It requires cold water and high gas pressure to properly carbonate. The carbonator is able to carbonate up to 10L per hour if able to sufficiently cool the water. Having colder water and a higher gas pressure will improve the carbonation levels.

If high soda water production speeds are desired you can use a chiller such as a glycol chiller to pre-chill the water before it enters the carbonator. Pre-chilling water prior to entering the carbonator can increase your carbonation rate to over 30L per hour.

Please Note: If the pressure difference between the gas (pressure in the keg) and the mains water is too great then it can result in water leaking across the seal due to it being pushed too far down inside of the soda carbonator. It is recommended that the pressure difference be reduced to be around 10 - 20 PSI. To accomplish this we recommend using the following:


  • Made out of Stainless Steel
  • For use with standard Cornelius Kegs
  • Integrated Pressure Relief Valve
  • Integrate Ball Lock Post
  • 5 1/2" Length
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