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Carboy Handle (Blue) - 2 1/4" ID
Carboy Handle (Blue) - 2 1/4" ID

Standard Carboy Handle (Blue) - 2 1/4" ID

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This standard carboy handle is blue in colour and clamps beneath the lip and reduces the danger of dropping a full or wet carboy.

This handle has an ID of 2 1/4", as such it is intended for use with carboys that have a 2 1/4" OD neck. Compatible with most 5 - 6.5 gallon carboys, however please measure before ordering.

If your carboy's neck is not of the specified diameter then it is NOT compatible. Please ensure the diameter of the neck prior to ordering as the handle has very little give and is not intended to be used with incorrectly sized carboys.

It is not designed for supporting the weight of a full carboy; always support full carboys from the bottom!
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