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Apple Cider Kit
Apple Cider Kit

Cider House Select - Apple Cider Kit

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This is a traditional hard sparkling cider kit that is packed full of flavour. This apple cider is crisp, light and refreshing, a perfect choice any time of the year. Its remarkably fresh apple nose and well-balanced mouthfeel are brought to life in a tart, golden-hued body.

A refreshing, spritzy alternative to beer - mouthwatering cider with a boozy twist lacks the bitterness of ale.

Striking a balance between scrumptiously sweet and tartly dry, this hard apple cider carries an easy-drinking 5.2% alcohol content when finished.

When lightly carbonated, cider pairs exceptionally well with food. Fresh cheese, leafy greens, seafood morsels and anything slow-cooked, smoked or barbecued will perfectly complement the boozy apple nectar of fall.

Cider House Select - Apple Cider is a crisp beverage enjoyed by beer and wine lovers alike.

Please Note: All Cider House Select Kits require the addition of 2 pounds of Dextrose (Corn Sugar) to reach their full alcohol potential.


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