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Closed System Co2 Transfer Kit
Closed System Co2 Transfer Kit

Closed System Co2 Transfer Kit

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This Closed System Co2 Transfer Kit assist in a forced transfer with Co2 from a plastic carboy to your keg (or other vessel). Doing so severely reduces oxygen exposure which results in a better tasting beer. In addition it will help to reduce the risk of infection while transferring.

This kit uses ball lock disconnects, meaning that it can't be used with a pinlock setup without additional adapter hardware.

When transferring from one vessel to another it is recommended that you keep the Co2 levels around 1 - 2 psi. This is necessary as plastic carboys are not meant to hold pressure. Failure to do so may result in damages to your carboy (the carboy lid will most likely pop off first).

Please Note: Carboys are NOT meant to hold pressure, we are not liable for any damages that may incur due to failing to follow the psi guidelines as stated above.

Never Use A Glass Carboy Under Pressure.

Carboy Shown is NOT Included.

  • Carboy Cap x 1
  • Stainless Steel Hose Clamp x 4
  • Gas Tubing Assembly x 1
  • Ball Lock Post Single (Gas - 19/32) x 1
  • Stainless Steel Swivel Nut - 1/4" FFL X 1/4" OD Barb x 1
  • Nylon Flare Fitting Washer - 1/4" x 1
  • Stainless Steel Stepless (Oetiker) Clamp (14.0mm) x 1
  • Stainless Steel 1/2" Male NPT x 3/8" Compression x 1
  • Ball Lock 1/4" MFL Beverage Disconnect x 1
  • Bevlex 200 Thick Wall Beer Line - 3/16" ID x 7/16" OD (per foot) x 10
  • Stainless Steel Quick Connector Nut - 1/2" NPT x 1
  • Stainless Steel 1/4"OD Tail Piece x 1
  • Stainless Racking Cane x 1
  • Plastic Carbonation Ball Lock Cap x 1


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