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Co2 Pressure Tester
Co2 Pressure Tester

Co2 Pressure Tester

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This CO2 pressure tester is an excellent way to easily test your regulator gauges to ensure they are 100% accurate.

Installing this device into your dispensing setup helps by providing precision pressures when balancing tour system against temperature.

Ideal when used with 0 - 60 PSI gauges. Can be calibrated with ease thanks to 'zero adjusting'.

  • Check System for Pressure Leaks Prior to Using Tester. Regulator gauge readings are inconsistent when leaks are present.
  • Reset Gauge Pointer to Zero. If tester gauge is not already at zero remove cover form faceplate and place thumb and index finger on each side of the pointer close to the pivot point (hub). Insert a small screwdriver into the slot at the pointer's hub and lightly turn against thumb and finger. Release pointer and continue adjusting until pointer rests at zero. Re-attach faceplate and the tool is ready for use.
  • Test Your CO2 Pressure. The tester can be attached to either Sanke "D" or "S" keg coupler with the adapter. Alternatively, it can be attached directly to the shut-off from the regulator or gas distributor.
  • Testing From Regulator. Attach the 3/8" OD hose barb to the appropriate sized tubing and hook directly up to the regulator or gas distributor. Ensure that the shut-off valve is open on the shut-off valve side side and the valve is closed on the coupler adapter side.
  • Testing From Sanke Keg Coupler. Attach the adapter to the Sanke "D" or "S" keg coupler. Make sure that the shut-off valve is open on the adapter side and the shut-off is closed on the open valve side.
  • Test the CO2 Pressure. With either of the two prior methods used, apply pressure from the regulator. If the regulator gauge is inaccurate adjust to match the tester's pressure gauge. Replace or repair regulator or regulator gauge if needed. To ensure that no beer enters the tester' gauge, please try to keep the gauge upright while using the Sanke adapter.
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