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Blichmann Cornical Keg
Blichmann Cornical Keg

Blichmann Cornical Turnkey Kit

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Blichmann's Cornical Turnkey Kit is a truly unique fermentation and kegging system. The modular design of the keg and the separate Fermentation Kit allows for tremendous versatility. The keg features a removable bottom that ensures that cleaning is fast and easy. Whereas the Fermentation Kit clamps directly to the bottom of the keg, converting it into a pressure capable fermentor. This allows you to purchase multiple cornical kegs and easily remove and attach the Fermentation Kit as you see fit. Doing so allows you to dispense from one keg while the other is fermenting another batch!

  • Ferment, carbonate, and serve from one vessel!
  • Modular design allows for unparalleled versatility
  • Removable bottom for fast and easy cleaning
  • Keg made in Italy, Cornical Fermentation Kit made and assembled in the USA
  • Fully integrated rotating racking arm with sanitary sampling valve
  • 1.5" TC sanitary butterfly dump valve (yeast harvesting and trub dumping)
  • All stainless steel sanitary fittings keep your beer contamination-free
  • Modular design allows for unparalleled versatility
  • Allows for pressurization up to 50psi
  • 7 Gallon Capacity
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